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Atomia is the world’s most flexible hosting and billing software

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Why OpenStack is an awesome base for a cloud hosting service

If it’s good enough for NASA, it’s probably good enough for you. ;)

Clean and beautiful OpenStack hosting

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Offer your users VPS hosting with Atomia’s elegant control panel.

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Offer your users complete access to all OpenStack functionality with Atomia’s Virtual Data Centers.

Powerful billing automation makes your life easy

How does it work?

Hybrid cloud with AWS and Azure

You can provide instant global infrastructure in addition to your own OpenStack cloud. Atomia has direct support for creating and managing virtual machines on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Your end users deal with the same, elegant Atomia control panel to handle their virtual machines; as far as they are concerned there is no difference. Your products can exist seamlessly side by side.

Give your VPS customers more choices with Atomia

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Founded in 2009 by veterans from the web hosting industry, Atomia makes the world’s most flexible hosting and billing software.